Following the intervention of the Ombudsman a new procedure was formulated protecting the rights of job seekers in the Employment Service

The procedure is designed to protect the dignity and rights of job seekers referred to training programmes run by private employers

A job seeker complained to the Office of the Ombudsman about the unfair treatment she had received from a private employer to whom she had been referred for training through the Employment Service. According to her, notwithstanding that she had fulfilled the requirements of the training, she was told shortly before the conclusion of the course that she had been found unsuitable for the job and was thus not permitted to take the exam.

In the framework of the investigation of the Office of the Ombudsman, the Employment Service informed the Office that it did not intervene in the work relations between employers and job seekers referred to them  and was therefore unauthorized to intervene in the matter of the complaint.

The Employment Service pointed out that it was not involved in determining the content of the training course or in making decisions in the framework of the course. As such, it was unable to pass judgement on the discretion of the private employer in the matter. Nevertheless, the Employment Service pointed out that it would make an effort to help the complainant find work.

In the circumstances of the case, further intervention by the Office of the Ombudsman was considered unnecessary. Nevertheless, the Office observed to the Employment Service that the process of referring job seekers to training courses initiated by the Employment Service and run by private employers, should be regulated in a clear procedure that would enable the Employment Service to supervise the conduct of the employers and secure the rights of job seekers in the future. 

Following the Office's observation, the Employment Service formulated a new procedure regulating the process of referring job seekers to training courses operated by employers on the initiative of and with the cooperation of the Employment Service. The procedure determines the framework for approving courses, as well as the obligations of the employers, the requirements demanded of the job seekers participating in the training courses and the information to be given to them. In general, the new procedure lays down explicitly that the employer must uphold the dignity and rights of the job seekers.