Micha Lindenstrauss

State Comptroller and Ombudsman 2005 – 2012

Micha Lindenstrauss was born in 1937 in Berlin, Germany and came on Aliyah in 1939. He completed his high school studies at the Bialik Gynmasia in Haifa and then studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1965 he completed his Master’s degree in law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Judicial Positions

In the years 1965-1972, during his service in Israel’s standing army, he served as a military prosecutor and military advocate.
In 1972 he was appointed a judge and thereafter served as a traffic magistrate, a justice of the peace court and a district court judge.
In 1999 he began to serve as the president of the Haifa district court.

Additional Public Activities

He was the chairman of the Movement for a Good Eretz Yisrael.
He was appointed the head of the Judges Association in Israel.
On May 25th, 2005, the Knesset approved Micha Lidenstrauss’ appointment as the State Comptroller and Ombudsman and he served in this position from June 4th, 2005 through to July 3rd, 2012.

Public Activities and Expressions of Esteem after his Service Ended

He received the Knight of Quality Government medal in 2009 for his work as the State Comptroller.
In 2012 he received the Medal of Honor from the Israel Society for Quality.
In 2012 he was awarded a Medal of Distinguished Service by the OMETZ Association.
In October 2013 he was chosen as the Chair of the “Transparency International TI – Israel” Association, the Israeli branch of global “International Transparency” organization.
Micha Lindenstrauss died on the 2nd of May 2019.