Miriam Ben Porat

State Comptroller and Ombudsman 1988 – 1998

​Miriam Ben Porat was born in 1918 in Vitebsk (today Belarus) and grew up in Kovno, Lithuania. In 1936 she came on Aliyah to Mandatory Palestine. In February 1945 she completed her law studies and received a license to practice law. In the latter part of 1948 she began working as an attorney in the Ministry of Law. She began her professional career as an assistant subdistrict attorney and after two years reached the level of Attorney-General. She appeared in the State’s name in criminal cases as well as before the Supreme Court.

Judicial Positions

In May 1958 she was appointed a district judge in Jerusalem.

In May 1975 she began serving as the rotating president of the District Court in Jerusalem, and in December of the same year she was appointed President of the court.

In November 1976 she was appointed acting judge on the Supreme Court and in March 1977 her position became permanent.

During the years 1983-1988 she served as vice-president of the Supreme Court.

Teaching Positions and Academic Writing

During the years 1964-1978 she taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and reached the position of associate professor.

She wrote articles and papers on a variety of subjects, and these were published in journals, among which were “Hapraclit”, “Mishpatim”, “Iyunei Mishpat” and “The Israel Law Review”.

On July 4th, 1988 Miriam Ben Porat was appointed State Comptroller by the President of the State and State Ombudsman. On July 4th, 1990 she resigned from this position having completed two terms.

Expressions of Esteem after her Service Ended

In 1991 she was awarded the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement.

In 2004 she was awarded the Good Citizenship of Jerusalem award.

Miriam Ben Porat died on July 26th, 2012.