​Story of a Complaint: Renovation of Public Housing Apartment

Following the intervention of the Office of the Ombudsman, the Amidar Israel National Housing Company carried out necessary renovations and repairs in the complainant's apartment

The complainant, who is visually impaired, lives alone in Tel Aviv in an apartment of the Amidar Israel National Housing Company. He complained to the Office of the Ombudsman about the failure of Amidar to replace the electric boiler in his apartment with a solar water heater, and to renovate the kitchen and shower room, despite Amidar's promising to do so.

Initially, Amidar informed the Office that it had checked the apartment and had found no need to renovate it; the complainant was entitled to file another request in three months' time. Amidar pointed out that customers' files manager had visited the apartment and found it in good condition, apart from a missing handle on the bedroom door, which would be fixed.

Regarding the complainant's claims about replacing the electric boiler with a solar water heater, Amidar responded that he was not entitled to this since he lived alone. 

Following the Office's further inquiries, Amidar sent one of its engineers back to the apartment. The engineer recommended replacing the electric boiler with a solar water heater and renovating the shower room and kitchen, as well as replacing the bedroom and shower room doors.

Shortly afterwards, Amidar notified us that the work had been completed.

The complainant confirmed that the matter had been sorted out to his full satisfaction and he thanked the Office for handling his complaint.