In July, the State Comptroller will publish a report on Operation Guardian of the Walls

The State Comptroller: In July I will publish the "Guardian of the Walls" report: "The audit examined the deficiencies of law enforcement agencies. The outbreak created a crisis in the relationship between the Arab and the Jewish communities in Israel"

Today (Monday, May 30, 2022) State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman participated in the Conference of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Eilat and held a discussion with the President of the Institute, Chen Schreiber.

At the beginning of his speech, the Comptroller mentioned the audit report on Operation Guardian of the Walls, which began on Jerusalem Day last year: "Yesterday we marked Jerusalem Day, and thus we also marked the Hebrew anniversary of the outbreak of Operation Guardian of the Walls. In the past I declared that we will prepare a special audit report on the state's conduct during the operation, especially with regard to the riots that took place in the mixed cities. 

I would like to tell you today that the preparation of the report is in its final stages and in July we will publish it. 

During Operation Guardian of the Walls, violent incidents and severe disturbances took place at high intensity and on large scales throughout Israel, in which people were killed and injured, and there was serious damage to property. 

These serious events brought up the challenges of maintaining personal security and ensuring public order in the mixed cities, and highlighted the need to examine aspects of policing and law enforcement in these cities. This essential need is further underscored by the assessment that the events of Guardian of the Walls are not a one-time, passing event. The outbreak of the events of Guardian of the Walls exposed fundamental, long-term problems, created a deep and severe crisis in the relationship between the Arab community and the Jewish community in Israel, and its ending point could be the starting point of the next outbreak. 

The audit focuses on examining the deficiencies of law enforcement agencies in the fields of intelligence, deployment of forces, recruitment of reserves, operational response in the field, logistical preparedness, training of forces for coping with disturbances and activity to complete investigations and prosecution. Alongside this, we also examined the services for residents of mixed cities."