Ombudsman - Annual Reports 39 and 40 (2012 and 2013) Selected Chapters

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סוג הפרסום דוחות נציב תלונות הציבור
מספר קטלוגי 07-301
תאריך פרסום 22/6/2015
מספר ISSN 0579-2770

The Office of the Ombudsman hereby submits its Fortieth Annual Report to the Knesset.

Since I began my term as State Comptroller and Ombudsman, I have, in the execution of my work in these positions, emphasized the protection of human rights - including the social and economic rights of the more disadvantaged population groups within society.  The Ombudsman views himself as the “agent for social rights”, particularly with regard to the rights of the needy. The true test of a society’s protection of human rights is the level of protection provided for the rights of the weakest groups within it. The role of the Ombudsman in the current era of human rights, as well as the work of his office to realize these rights, are described in the Chapter of this report which is devoted to that subject.

This Report also includes a chapter that describes the Ombudsman’s handling of complaints regarding violations of the human rights of prisoners and detainees.  Incarceration is a measure that...