Matanyahu Englman

Ninth State Comptroller and Ombudsman of the State of Israel

​Matanyahu Englman was born in Jerusalem in 1966 and during his childhood lived in Rehovot. In 1991, he graduated with a B.A. (cum laude) degree in Economics and Accounting at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and in 1994, he completed there an M.A. (cum laude) degree in Business Administration (specializing in Accounting and Finance). A  C.P.A. (Isr.) since 1994, married to Avigail and father of six.


Professional Experience

From 1991 - 1999 worked as a C.P.A. (Isr.) for "Fahn, Kanneh & Co. (Member firm of Grant Thornton International).

From 1999 - 2005 served as Deputy Director General of the Jerusalem College of Engineering (later "Azrieli- College of Engineering Jerusalem").

From 2005 - 2010 served as C.E.O. of Shoham Local Council.

From 2010 - 2018 served as Deputy Director General of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and from 2014 as an Executive Vice President and Director General of the Technion. He served as Chairman of the Directors' Forum of the Heads of University Committee for a certain period during the years 2017 - 2018.

In June 2018, he was appointed Director General of the Council for Higher Education.

Furthermore, from 2004 he served for 14 years as Audit Committee Director of JOINT (JDC) ISRAEL and its entities, including Tevet, Eshel, Ashalim, Malben and Taub Center.


On June 3rd, 2019, the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) approved the appointment of Matanyahu Englman to the position of State Comptroller and Ombudsman, and he took office on July 4th, 2019.