Story of a complaint: Update of directives for travellers wearing pacemakers

Following the Ombudsman's investigation, the Airports Authority updated the directives for travellers wearing pacemakers

A 75 year-old woman complained to the Office of the Ombudsman about discriminatory treatment of people wearing pacemakers.

The woman complained that the security staff at the airport refused to allow her to go through the security check in the fast lane designated for disabled persons. The woman was asked to present a disability certificate despite the fact that she is not defined as disabled.

Even when the head of security was subsequently summoned, he repeated the demand that the complainant present a disability certificate and asked offensive/intrusive questions, causing the complainant to burst into tears.

Following the Ombudsman's investigation of the complaint, the complaint was found justified. In the course of August 2019, the Airports Authority updated the Ombudsman that it would erect a sign in the airport directing pacemaker wearers to a designated line, where they would receive personal and swifter treatment.

The Airports Authority also apologized deeply to the complainant for the anguish caused her.