III EUROSAI–ASOSAI Joint Conference 2019



On March 10-14, 2019 The III EUROSAI-ASOSAI Joint Conference entitled "Emerging Issues and Emergency Situations" was held in Jerusalem, Israel. Throughout the Conference, held by SAI Israel - an active member of both EUROSAI and ASOSAI, more than 130 members of 42 delegations discussed sub themes such as preparations for natural disasters, disaster management, cyber security threats, dealing with challenges of migration and refugees, aging population, SDGs and more.

The Conference's participants brainstormed and shared knowledge with colleagues from SAIs of both regional groups and had an opportunity to learn from the best experts about wide angle of challenges needed to be dealt with when facing emerging issues and emergency situations, including best audit practices to assume, audit capacities and audit tools needed.

Following are presentations that were presented during the Conference's Working Sessions and Videos of the Conference: