​Rules for the Prevention of Conflicts of Interests by Ministers and Deputy Ministers

(Based on the Report of the Commission headed by Justice Asher)

In 1977, the Government decided to adopt a code of ethics designed to prevent, inter alia,  conflicts of interests in connection with the activities of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (hereinafter - the Rules).

The Rules were based on recommendations made in a report issued by a public committee headed by Judge Shlomo Asher, and they establish guidelines relating to the conduct of Ministers and Deputy Ministers in the performance of their duties.


The following text is a new version based on previous decisions of the Government and the Government Decision No. 2801 (TM/ 61) from November 28, 2002, in which the rules were amended. The following text (the full text of the rules, including said amendment) was published at the Official Gazette 5763,   pp. 1136-1139, from January 16, 2003.

The Rules