Education for a Shared Society and Prevention of Racism

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מספר קטלוגי -
תאריך פרסום 22/9/2016
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“A day will come…

It’s near and almost here

When no man will be degraded

For his race or color

The day will come…"


The unity of Israeli society, given its diversity and resolute, uncompromising battle against racism and hatred of the other just for being so, is the essential basis for the continuation and prosperity of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. This audit report deals with the activities of the Ministry of Education in promoting education for a shared society and prevention of racism. Unfortunately, the findings of this report paint a disturbing picture regarding the minimal activities of the education system in support of the unity of Israeli society and toward eradication of the major problems of racism and xenophobia. The report teaches us that the State of Israel is doing very little to purge the severe phenomena of racism and hatred among youth and to promote a shared society.

The fundamental values of the State of Israel from the beginning ...

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