Terms of use

Terms of use of the site:


The Office of the State Comptroller (hereinafter: the Office or the State) is providing the information contained in this online service (hereinafter: the service) subject to the following conditions. The expression "user" which appears hereinafter shall mean any person be assisted by the service.


Under current Israeli copyright law and international conventions, the copyright in the Office's publications, including those published in this service, belongs to the State. This copyright applies, inter alia, to texts, drawings, illustrations, maps, sound clips. Video clips, graphic art and software applications (hereinafter: the protected material), unless it is expressly stated that the copyright in the protected material belongs to another party.

The user may make "fair use" of the protected material as permitted under the statutory rules, including a reasonable quotation from the protected material, provided that he specifies name of the source from which the quote was taken, whether that source is the Office or another party. The user shall not distort or damage the protected material, make any alteration to it, do anything to reduce its value or undermine the name or reputation of the copyright owner.

Subject to copyright law, the user may not copy, redistribute, rebroadcast or publish the protected material without the Office's prior written consent.

Enquiries to the Office

Any enquiry regarding this service or the work undertaken by the Office may be sent by e-mail directly to feedback@mevaker.gov.il. Answers will be given as soon as possible and within 14 days of receiving the enquiry.


The service is being offered to the public "as is". The State shall not be obliged to adapt the service to the needs of the user or be held accountable for errors or mistakes in or changes made by the user or a third party to the material presented in it. 

The user shall be exclusively responsible for the manner in which he uses the service. The State shall not be held accountable for any damage directly or indirectly sustained by the user or any third party as a result of using the service or any software applications which were directly downloaded or run via the service, including Java, JavaScript or Active-X.

For the avoidance of doubt, the expression "the State" shall include, inter alia, State employees, representatives and the Office.


Without derogating from the other terms of use, the following provisions shall apply to the use of links to other websites which have been included in the service solely for the user's convenience.

With regard to links to external websites which do not belong to the State (third party sites): unless stated otherwise in this site, no legal or commercial relationship exists between the Office and the owners of the third party sites and the Office has no control over or proprietary interest in their content.

The State is not responsible for the content of the material displayed on third party sites and the links which it provides to those sites shall not be interpreted as an endorsement, approval, recommendation or preference by the State or the Office of those linked sites, their operators or the documents and any other material or products displayed on them. While at the time when, as part of this service, the links to third party sites were installed, the content of those sites was found to be consistent with the objects of the service and the links themselves were found to be in order, changes may have been made since then to the linked sites. The user is hereby requested to notify the webmaster should he be of the opinion that a linked site or its content is unsuitable, defective or that another website exists which is relevant to the subject-matter of this service.


In accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, any personal information passed on to the Office via this service shall be kept confidential.

Official publications of the State

Should any contradiction or inconsistency be discovered between the material published in connection with the service and material appearing in the State's official, written publications, only the material appearing in the official publications as aforesaid shall be considered correct.