The Constructive Audit Reform – For the first time, the institution of State Comptroller of Israel will undergo a peer audit

Comptroller Englman and the US Comptroller General Have Agreed to Conduct an External and Objective Audit of the Institution of State Comptroller of Israel

The office of the Comptroller General of the US (the Government Accountability Office) is considered one of the most noted and innovative such offices in the world and the cooperation is intended to improve the audit processes in the Office of the State Comptroller of Israel through a professional and objective audit.

The “peer audit” cooperation exists in a number of leading audit institutions around the world.

The agreement was reached during a recent professional visit undertaken by Comptroller Englman and a delegation from the Office of the State Comptroller to his American counterpart.

Comptroller Englman, who sees great importance in learning from leading state comptroller offices around the world and in strengthening international ties, presented “The Constructive Audit Reform”, including the enhancement of audit processes, heightened audit effectiveness and diversification of audit types.

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