Story of a Complaint: The municipality demanded from residents payment for vacating and cleaning a public shelter, despite not having cleaned and vacated the shelter

Following the complaint of a senior citizen with the Office of the Ombudsman, the demand that was sent to her and to some 100 other residents was revoked

A senior citizen who lives in Be'er Ya'akov complained at the Lod regional reception bureau of the Office of the Ombudsman about the Be'er Ya'akov Municipality.

According to the complainant, who resides in a condominium in the town, she received from the municipality a demand to pay 110 NIS for vacating and cleaning the public shelter in the condominium, during the "Guardian of the Walls" military operation, even though the shelter had been cleaned by the residents of the building and not by the municipality. The complainant also claimed that the objects in the shelter had not been removed but were still there.

Following the Office of the Ombudsman's inquiry, the internal auditor of the municipality checked the matter in depth. In light of his findings, the municipality revoked the demands for payment for cleaning and vacating the public shelter that had been sent to the complainant and to over 100 other residents.