Operation "Protective Edge" - IDF Activity from the Perspective of International Law, Particularly with Regard to Mechanisms of Examination and Oversight of Civilian and Military Echelons

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Operation "Protective Edge" in the Gaza Strip began on July 7, 2014, in response to increased rocket and mortar shell fire by terrorist organizations from the Gaza Strip towards the territory of the State of Israel. The operation lasted 50 days, during which the IDF soldiers and commanders fought valiantly, bravely and courageously, principally against the terrorist organizations Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The operation resulted in 74 fatal casualties on the Israeli side - 68 IDF soldiers, including two soldiers Lieutenant Hadar Goldin and Staff Sergeant Oron Shaul - who have not yet been returned to Israel, as well as five Israeli civilians and a foreign national; thousands of Israeli civilians and soldiers were injured. The terrorist organizations fired approximately 4,000 rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip and attempted to infiltrate into Israel by sea and through tunnels, so as to carry out terrorist attacks.

According to figures released by the ...