Complaints Data

In 2016 the Office of the Ombudsman received 12,599 complaints in total

Breakdown of complaints by types of bodies complained against

In 2016 the Office of the Ombudsman received 11,827 complaints against audited bodies and a further 772 complaints against bodies that the Office is not authorized to investigate complaints concerning them; in total, 12,599 complaints. 

Number of Complaints Received in 2010 - 2015 

3,587 complaints (30%) were against state institutions: the National Insurance Institute, Israel Police, the IDF, the Courts system, the Population and Immigration Authority, the Enforcement and Collection Authority, the Israel Lands Administration and others.

 2,083 complaints (18%) were against public bodies: infrastructure and transport companies, education and science institutes, public health clinics, etc.

3,107 complaints (26%) were against government ministries, including ancillary bodies.

3,050 complaints (26%) were against local government bodies: municipalities, local councils, regional councils, local committees and other municipal bodies, such as local planning and building committees, urban unions and water and sewage corporations.                                                                

The 10 bodies against which the largest number of complaints was received

1,102 complaints against the National Insurance Institute;

681 complaints against Israel Postal Company Ltd;

504 complaints against Israel Police;

399 complaints against the Ministry of Justice;

390 complaints against the Ministry of Construction and Housing;

366 complaints against the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety;

366 complaints against Amidar Israel National Housing Company Ltd;

324 complaints against the Israel Tax Authority;

322 complaints against the Ministry of Education;

316 complaints against the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Social Services.

Bodies against which the Number of Justified Complaints was Above Average 

Bodies against which the number of justified complaints exceeded the overall number of justified complaints (29.1%)*

 Israel Postal Company Ltd.  -  72.5% justified complaints.

Israel Broadcasting Authority [in liquidation]  -  55.5% justified complaints.

Ministry of Transport and Road Safety  -  45.4% justified complaints.

Israel Tax Authority  -  44.9% justified complaints.

Israel Electric Corporation Ltd  -  40.1% justified complaints.

Ministry of Education  -  36.2% justified complaints.

Ministry of Economy and Industry  -  35.6% justified complaints.

* A substantive decision was made relating to at least 100 complaint subjects filed against these bodies.